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Step 1

Order Service

Download the app and start by choosing your preferred day and time window. Drop the pin on the map to show where your vehicle is parked. Then all that is left to do is to pop your gas flap before you leave the vehicle.

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Step 2

Get Delivered

Our Field Tech will be making deliveries around your city throughout the day. We will send you a text when they are on the way. Once they find your vehicle, they'll fill up your gas tank! If you have requested additional service these will also get completed during this time.

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Step 3

Get Notified

After all of your services are complete, our field tech will conduct some routine vehicle checks to give you handy information such as if your tires need replacing or if your registration is due soon. We'll then send a receipt for the day along with a few photos.

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General Questions

How does Yoshi work?

Most of our customers schedule fuel deliveries once a week and add on additional services as needed. We have a recommended schedule for many services including car washes, wiper blades, maintenance, and more, that you can adjust to work best for you.

Does someone take my car away?

Your car stays exactly where it is. We come to where you are parked with our gas truck and fill you up. All we ask of you is that you pop your gas flap before you leave your car.

But how exactly does it work?

You download the app and input all of your details along with your vehicle details. You then select the day and time window (must be 4 hours) that you would like to be filled up. Our highly trained Field Technician will come by in our gas truck and fill you up/ conduct your other services. You will get a text message when all services are complete along with images and your receipt.

Why do you need a 4 hour window?

Many things could affect the time in which it takes our driver to reach your vehicle such as traffic and weather etc so we ask for that time frame so we can ensure we service your vehicle.

Do you need extra space to conduct your services?

The beauty of our service is that we can mostly conduct them in conventional parking spaces/lots and residential driveways.

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Get up to six fillups with no delivery fee during your first month. Download the Yoshi app for Android or iOS. Set up your profile including vehicle details, payment information, membership plan, and preferred fuel grade. No obligations. Cancel anytime!

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