Gas, wash and service at the office

Yoshi delivers gas, washes, and automotive maintenance services while you work.

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Yoshi gas delivery

The employee perk your people will love

Our DOT approved gas trucks and service vans come to your home or place of work every week, on your schedule, to top off your tank, wash your car, and provide other automotive services.

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Proud to partner with companies of all sizes

Yoshi field tech

Programs tailored to your company’s needs

Our corporate programs are designed to introduce your people to Yoshi and can be tailored to your organization. Memberships are included and paid for by the company to make using our service a true “no brainer” for them. All services are performed on-site including fuel delivery and car maintenance services.

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General Questions

How does a corporate program work?

In a corporate program, Yoshi memberships are covered by your company as an office perk and offered to staff as an on-site service. Sponsoring Yoshi makes our service a true “no brainer” for your employees to use and enjoy. Employees simply download the Yoshi app and schedule service while they’re at work!

How much will it cost?

Our team will provide a custom price quote based on your staff size and tiered usage.

Who pays for the gas and services they order?

Your employees schedule service as needed and pay for their own gas and services on a credit card through the Yoshi app on their phones!

How do employees sign up for the program?

We will create a custom promo code for your company that will waive the Yoshi membership fee when paid for by your company. Your staff will enter this promo code during the sign-up process. Our customer support team can assist with account set-up scheduling to minimize the administrative overhead for your internal team.

What companies do you currently partner with?

We are proud to partner with companies of all shapes, sizes, and sectors! You can find more information about our corporate partners in case studies on our blog:

How is payment processed?

We can process payment for your company by credit card or by invoice.

Do our employees have to get filled up at the office?

While there are some exceptions, most companies arrange for Yoshi service for their staff at their office location so that they can enjoy Yoshi as an on-site amenity while they work!

What services do you provide?

Our services include fuel delivery, engine cleaner, tire checks, windshield fluid, windshield treatment, and wiper blades. On-site car washes and car detailing can also be arranged.

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Want to know more? Hear directly from some of our current corporate partners who are giving their employees time back in their busy day by offering Yoshi as a benefit.

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