EV fast-charging anywhere

Yoshi is helping power the transition to an electric future with flexible fast-charging solutions.

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Rapidly Deployable EV Solutions

Deploys Quickly

With no installation or permitting, Yoshi can deploy charging infrastructure to your worksite anywhere in the US within 10 days.

Reduces Up-front Costs

Our off-grid solutions avoid expensive costs associated with utility upgrades and fixed charging hardware.

Scales with Demand

It is quick and easy to deploy additional units to meet your changing business needs.

Reliable & Available

Our components are hardened and trouble-free. Our systems monitor performance in order to ensure 99.9% availability.

Meet our fast-charger on wheels

  • 240KW
  • Charge Anywhere
  • Emissions-Free

Electrify your entire lot with the first all-electric, zero-emission mobile charger on the market that can charge at 240kW and deliver multiple charges in one trip.

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Ultra-Fast Charging

Adds up to 100 miles of range in only 10 minutes with 240kW DC fast charging.


Charge Anywhere

Our charging vehicle can maneuver through a lot to deliver fast-charging to EV vehicles where they are parked.



Our fast-charger-on-wheels is itself a fully electric vehicle—a true zero-emissions charging solution.

Meet our on-site mobile power generator

  • 120KW
  • Dual Charging
  • 8-hour Runtime

Our MPG provides a turnkey, gap-charging option for EV fleet operators who do not have a way to connect to the utility grid or need to scale faster than they can build infrastructure for.

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Ultra-Fast Charging

Adds up to 100 miles of range in 20 minutes with 120kW DC fast charging.


Dual Charging Capability

Each unit can power two charge cables at 60kW each or one cable at 120kW.


8-Hour Runtime

Each MPG unit can run up to 8 hours on a single delivery of fuel.

Industry & Solutions

Delivery Fleets

Scale your electric fleet with a rapidly deployable solution that easily scales with your business.

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Autonomous EV Vehicles

Keep your autonomous vehicles charged whether they are centrally located or distributed around town.

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Corporate Campuses

Offer your employees fast ev charging at work, wherever they are parked, without needing to rebuild your lot.

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Proud to partner with companies of all sizes

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Pricing is based on location and enterprise charging needs. Yoshi Mobility can deploy its service to U.S.A. based customers within 10 days once under contract for service.