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Gas, wash & service. Delivered at home or work.



Mobile & Virtual Options

Get your vehicle inspected in the quickest and most effortless way. Yoshi provides virtual and mobile vehicle inspections for ride-share earners and car-share hosts, so you can save time and money without travelling around town. Virtual and mobile inspections are available based on location and company. Click below to learn more and to schedule an inspection.

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Gas Delivery

Gas Delivery

Lowest gas price within 2 miles

Yoshi is proud to pump Top Tier™ fuel, which is formulated for efficiency and helps you get better gas mileage. We price match our gas to the lowest Top Tier™ station within a 2 mile radius to ensure you the customer gets the best quality at the lowest price. Gas is available in regular or premium and you can select your preference in the app as well as checking the price of gas for today in your location.

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Wash & Detail

Wash & Detail

Starts at $35

Have Yoshi’s skilled car wash team keep your car looking fresh with a premium hand-wash that comes to you at home or at work. We provide service options for both interior and exterior cleaning, including mini and executive detailing. Availability and pricing for services in your specific area can be found when you enter your address in the app.

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Consumer Services delivered with gas

Frequent Questions

What services do you offer?

We help drivers across the country to keep moving with a variety of services that help them be proactive car owners. Don’t worry about those warning lights ever again! All services are performed by our field techs on site. Our services include: Fuel Delivery, Car Wash, Car Detail, Mobile & Virtual Inspections, Engine Cleaner, Tire Check, Windshield Fluid, Windshield Treatment, Wiper Blades.

How do I check if you service my location?

Simply download the app and enter your address to see if we service your specific area. Don’t see your location? Get in touch and request your city!

What type of gas do you provide and how do you determine your prices?

We are proud to pump Top Tier™ gas which is specially formulated for efficiency and helps you get better gas mileage. It is available to Yoshi members in regular and premium and you can set your preference in the Yoshi app. Our technology matches the lowest price of gas based on stations in a two-mile radius of your fill-up address.

How do you find vehicles and access my gas tank?

On Yoshi service days, you will receive a reminder text message in the morning. When you drop a pin drop in our app, it helps us locate where your vehicle is parked. If your vehicle has a locking gas door, we ask you to leave it slightly ajar when parking your car before we come by. Our field technician will close it when the fill-up is complete and will send a confirmation text and receipt. If the fuel tank requires any special access, our field technician will text you to make sure your tank gets filled!

Free delivery for 1 month!

Get up to six fillups with no delivery fee during your first month. Download the Yoshi app for Android or iOS. Set up your profile including vehicle details, payment information, membership plan, and preferred fuel grade. No obligations. Cancel anytime!